Community Inputs from AHC Opem forum for Bylaws 08/10/2006
and Bylaws Subcommittee Inputs 
Goals and Objectives

Community Input from bylaws open forum:

We should consider the interest of the people of the community over individual interest.

Establish a non-profit, non-religious, non-political entity.

There should be clarity and cautiousness to define what is non-political, non-religious etc.

We should study the 501c(3) to understand better.

We should follow IRS guideline to disallow discrimination.

Provision in the bylaws to define joint activities with other organizations in the community.


Community Input from bylaws open forum:

-          Ties to Bangladesh. Resident of Greater Austin counties.

-          Minimum duration of stay to be resident.

-          To vote, enforce membership for a minimum period.

-          Associate membership can be considered which may be non-voting members. This can be extended to the people with no ties to Bangladesh.

-          Study 501c(3) to comply in considering membership.

Input from bylaws subcommittee meeting:
Member fee may be left up to the current BOD to announce for each fiscal year.  they may decide it to be zero for a year.
Board of Directors

Community Input from bylaws open forum:

-          There should be provisions to allow a board of trustee to oversee BOD and officers. The trustee can be elected positions as well.

-          BOD should be all ‘Secretaries’ of different activities.

-          There should be a single point of contact designation.

-          Support non-title or minimum title based association. Define responsibilities so that title is less important.

-          BOD should be all ‘Director for’ of different activities.

-          Avoid titles like ‘President’, VP etc. Chariman of BOD or Chief coordinator may be suitable.

-          It will be difficult to explain what ‘coordinator’ is to the city or state level.

-          In BOD, if noone wants to be the ‘chief’, have provisions in the bylaws to appoint someone based on some criteria.

-          Have 15 members, 8 and 7 director election on alternate years. Bylaws should only state a minimum and maximum number of directors. Number of BOD should be proportional to the community members or voters.

-          There should also be a guideline to state whether a director can serve two organizations in the community at the same time.

Input from bylaws subcommittee meeting:
Number of bod may be 7-15 to be decided by the previous bod for next election.  or it may be fixed at 15.



BOD officer Election


Community input from bylaws open forum

-          Avoid self nomination. Keep provision for members to nominate other members.

-          BOD should maintain secret balloting for electing officers.

-          Bylaws should have simple language to just state BOD will ‘elect/select’ officers as needed.


Community input from bylaws open forum

-          Directors should not be allowed to run for election in two consecutive years.

-          one year term for BOD. First committee should be given at least two years.

-          Keep a overlapping transition time for transfer of power.

Input from bylaws subcommittee meeting:
Term limit may be imposed to encourage new leadership. A director may not run for two consecutive election. Skip a year.
Removal of Office Bearer:

Community input from bylaws open forum


-          Study other bylaws to find out about conditions of termination.

-          Since this is a elected director by people, BOD is not authorized to terminate.

-          If BOD cannot resolve a termination of a director issue by themselves, they can solicit help from Board of trustee.

-          Directors should not have any scope to team up and oust someone.

-          If it is a criminal case, there is no need for a process. If someone is convicted, he/she can be temporarily suspended. In some cases, a person can appeal even after conviction. But once the person is convicted once, he/she should resign.

-          There should be an ethics committee to request particular director to resign. If the person does not resign, he/she can be voted to become a non-involved member in community activities and promotion.

-          There should be provisions for insanity, disability, death, vacancies, and extended leave.

Input from bylaws subcommittee meeting:
Any vacancy may be selected by bod or by byelection.  Byelection costs more. Selection may be biased.

Community input from bylaws open forum:

Create environment to execute community activities including everyone in the community. Events should be self-funded where possible.

Input from bylaws subcommittee meeting:
Events may not be mandatory in bylaws for a current BOD. They can be mentioned in the bylaws as examples (Not restricted to), so that current BOD can decide for each fiscal year what they want to do. However, bylaws can mandate that the BOD publishes a calendar of events within x days after election.

Community input from bylaws open forum:

There should be rules not to disrupt the election process. There should be rules against negative campaigning. In the election, neutral observers may be invited. We should encourage and create new leaders.

Input from bylaws subcommittee meeting:
Staggered election may be integrated where half of the bod gets elected every year.

Community input from bylaws open forum:

Constitution should have fair guidance to make necessary amendments to the bylaws. Ammendment should be a tough process.