Community Inputs from AHC Opem forum for Bylaws 10/01/2006

Bylaws Process:


Community Input from Open forum:

Last step: Informal approval in open forum after AHC approves.

Frequency of open forum may be increased.

Publish bylaws subcommittee meeting minutes to Public.

Wherever applicable, bylaws related voting should have 2/3rd majority, instead of simple majority.

Voting should be done in public, according to the constitution committee guideline. No voting was necessary so far.



Membership Fee

Community Input from Open forum:

Implement No membership fee to encourage members to join association.  No fee for first five years.

Introduce Fees for office bearers only; or Paid members can seek office.

Introduce large Fees for candidates only.

Introduce nominal fee for practical reasons like how to make voter lists current, residents who move to other cities. In the absence of updated member list, quorum may become a problem.

Introduce fee, even if it is $1.


Membership Termination

Community Input from Open forum:

Do not implement termination. Members are members whether good or bad.

Termination policy will require reinstatement and term to be specified in the bylaws.

There should be a provision for termination for individuals involved in harmful anti-social activities, terrorism, felony etc. There may be legal reasons to implement termination.



Community Input from Open forum:

-          For membership application require signature of some sort.

-          Define a cutoff date for minimum age like Jan 1st.



Community Input from Open forum:

-          There should be a better mechanism for breaking tie.

-          Voters should be required to vote fewer than available slots. (example:  Vote exactly 4 out of 15 slots from 20 candidates.). The required number can be 1/3rd of BOD size. This will reduce paneling.

-          Bylaws should not have specific numbers like 14days or 48 hours.


Board Of Directors

Community Input from Open forum:

-          2 years is too long a term.

-          Number of Directors should be 10.

-          Number of Directors should be odd.

-          In the removal section, change the word ‘found’ to ‘proven’

-          Make the term 1 year and term limit 2 terms. Do not implement staggering.

-          Make the structure 6 voted by public, 9 chosen by standing committees (bottom-up)

-          Make the number 12 with 6 voted each year. Implement Staggering.

-          Minimum and maximum number of directors should be Percentage instead of specific number.