AHC By-laws subcommittee meeting minutes (7/26/06)

Venue: Rabiulís House

Attendees: Kochi, Galib, Feroza, Nasim, Rabiul



1.      Current Focus

2.      Process for involving the community.

3.      Open forums/meetings

4.      Correspondance

5.      Next Step


1. The subcommittee decided to begin with focus on the following topics:

1)††††† Number of directors:

2)††††† Term of directors: generally two years.

3)††††† Identify number of officers and designations.

4)††††† Election process of the officers

5)††††† Term of the officers

6)††††† Dismissal policies: officers, directors.

7)††††† Committee formation.

2. Community involvement:

The subcommittee will be sending a open invitation to the community. Community members will have opportunity to share their thoughts and suggestion for the subcommittee to work with. This will help the community get involved in the process.

Once an email has been sent, subcommittee members will solicit and select people with pertinent experience to assist the subcommittee with bylaws interpretation. Subcommittee will gather all the input from open meeting, work on the bylaws authoring and send the recommendation to the ad-hoc committee. Ad-hoc committee will vote, if and when needed, to decide on the bylaws. Open meeting will help identify people who have experience, knowledge and clarity on bylaws related issues. Subcommittee can then select who can assist interpreting the reference bylaws as well as the BAGA bylaws.

3. Meetings: Open meeting Wed, Aug 9, check with Rubel. Galib will draft and send the open invitation email.

4. The correspondence of the subcommittee need not be sent to the entire ad-hoc committee email list. Subcommittee minutes will be filed under ad-hoc yahoogroups. Subcommittee will have its own yahoogroup with possible members outside the ad-hoc committee.

Kochi will create a yahoogroup for bylaws.


5. Next Step/Action Items:

Preparations for Open forum:

Send email to the community inviting them to the open forum (08/09/2006). Solicit their recommendations in the meeting as well as over emails. Involve community members in discussions at the open forums.


Each member of the subcommittee is tasked with the following:

a.       Brainstorm focus items individually.

b.      Collect reference bylaws like Houston, dallas.

c.       Study and understand available local and other reference bylaws.

d.      Familiarize with the bylaws language.

e.       Take notes on ideas to discuss in meeting.

f.        Discuss findings over email whenever needed.

Next meeting: Open forum 08/09/06.