AHC Bylaws Subcommittee meeting minutes: 09/12/06


Time: 09/12/06, 6:45pm-8:15pm.

Venue: Galib's apt


Attendees: Rabiul, Galib, Rashed, Nasim, Kochi.



1. Open forum input from the community.

2. Study BAH derived bylaws.

3. Assign Subcommittee members

4. Identify Community Experts.

5. Define roles and responsibilities for community experts.

6. Set deadlines

7. Next Step


1. A lot of input from community received. Open forum minutes will be published. The input will be categorized under each article and will be discussed when the article is being reviewed/authored.


2. BAHouston bylaws is being used initially as the reference bylaws. An initial draft was created from BAG bylaws. BAH was notified about our use of the bylaws as reference. The subcommittee discussed some of the main features of BAH bylaws. Some articles are acceptable, yet others are not applicable for the Austin community.


3. Assign the parts to subcomm members:

The members of the subcommittee were assigned with specific articles to study, review and recommend modifications. In the next bylaws sessions, the subcommittee members will explain their material to the rest of the subcommittee. In addition, the members will check against the community inputs received in the last bylaws open forum and will recommend how to incorporate inputs wherever possible.


Bylaws subcommittee will raise and discuss one section on each AHC general meeting so that rest of the AHC members are aware of the issues.


4. Identify community members:

The subcommittee identified the following people with pertinent recent experience who may be called to assist: Tahsin, Biju, Shams. Other community members may be called later in the process, if and when needed.

Galib will contact Tahsin, Rashed will contact Biju, Rabiul will contact Shams.


5. Responsibilities of the Community Experts:

Subcommittee will solicit their help temporarily to review/interpret the bylaws.

They will be called in the next bylaws meeting to be conducted on 09/20/06, Wednesday at Galib's.

In that meeting, Subcommittee may give them specific tasks or pair them up with some of the subcommittee members to review together. They will be sent the draft bylaws prior to next bylaws meeting.


6. Set deadlines on tasks/outlines sent in the earlier email.

i. Review and comment on Sections/articles: Owners - Rabiul, Galib, Rashed, Kochi, Nasim, Rana, Mithu; Status In-progress : Target close - 09/15/06.

ii. Contact Community Experts: Owners - Galib, Rashed, Rabiul ; Status - In-Progress : Target close - 09/16/06.

iii. Hold bylaws open forum: Owner - Galib; Status - On-hold : Target close - 10/01/06 (email: 09/23/06) .

iv. Repeat 'review/open forum/modify' process as necessary in coordiation with Community Experts until first draft is ready for AHC approval: Owner: Bylaws Subcomm; Status - On-hold : Target close - 11/30/06, Actual close - .

v. Send email to the community with the final draft prior to AHC approval: Owner: Galib; Status - On-hold : Target close - 11/23/06.

vi. Review and approve bylaws in AHC general meeting: Owner - Bylaws Subcomm; Status - On-hold : Target close - 11/30/06.

vii. Spin off Election Commission Rules committee: Owner - Rashed; Status - In-Progress : Target close - 10/15/06.


7.    Next Step/Action Items:

Next meeting: 9/20/06

Individual tasks: review and prepare to discuss following topics based on the reference bylaws in comparison to community input:

Goals, Membership, Meetings, Committees.