AHC Bylaws Subcommittee Meeting Minutes:
Wednesday, 09/28/06, 7PM-9PM
: Galib’s Apt
Attendees: Rabiul, Firoza, Nasim, Galib, Kochi, Tahsin, Shams, Biju.


1. Problems, Issues, concerns with review:
2. Year-to-year Operational Guideline
3. Section Summaries and enhancements:

4. Preparations for open meeting.
5. Next Step/Action items:

1. Problems, Issues, concerns during review:
The subcommittee felt that they need to maintain a whole document instead of pieces and edit the master document. Include everyone’s edits into one master document and post it on the web.
Edits on the master document should be reviewed regularly, so that there is a language consistency.

2. Year-to-year Operational Guideline
An Operational Guideline for the BOD may be created which will hold items that are too specific for bylaws. These may be yearly rules that a BOD in  can adopt for a year.
3. Section Summaries and enhancements:

Additional community input and emails were reviewed and discussed to reflect on the living bylaws. Following discussion were made according to the input received:

- Membership approval by BOD will be removed.
- Definitions section can be placed in the beginning.

Management of the Association
- The number of BOD may be addressed in the Open forum, voted by AHC.
- Bylaws will say BOD will form a number of committees to address the objectives of the association or BOD will form committees to execute the cultural, social, recreational, etc. objectives

- Timing of nomination should be adjusted to be in-sync with the rest of the bylaws.

4. Preparations for open meeting.
- Prepare a bulleted presentation with items already discussed. Assigned: Galib, Target Close Date: 09/29/06


5. Next Step/Action items:

 Individual member task: Review community input against the master document and prepare to discuss in the next meeting on the following topics: Membership, BOD, Election.


6. Next meetings: Open forum: 10/01/06, Subcommittee meeting: 10/12/06