AHC Bylaws Subcommitee Meeting Minutes: 10/12/2006 7PM-9PM

Venue: Northcastle Clubhouse

Attendees: Rabiul, Galib, Mithu, Rana, Nasim, Kochi, Rashed, Tahsin, Biju, (Rubel, Ronju)



1. Feedback from Open Forum

2. Discussion on community input and incorporation in the bylaws.

3. Next Step/Action Item:


1. Feedback from last Bylaws Open Forum:

The subcommittee has published the work in progress on the website as well as detail process. It was decided that there will be two documents on the website. One would be completed work by the subcommittee and one would be incomplete sections. They will have “DRAFT” written as watermark and will be pdf format.


There will be more frequent subcommittee meetings to complete the work at hand. There may be one or two more open forums on bylaws.


2. Community input from open forum, emails were discussed and debated. Following discussions took place. The bylaws, posted on the web, was updated to reflect the decisions of the subcommittee.


The subcommittee discussed, debated and finalized the following issues:

The number of directors will be Eleven (11) – this was concluded by calculating 3 officers and 8 tasks that associations normally do (cultural-2, sports, pr, social, students, food, services)

The term for BOD will be one year. Election every year.

Term Limit: Each director can serve at most two consecutive terms, after which the director should wait a year before running again.


Adding “non-political” to the association definition. Association should not be political. No official endorsement of any one party. No official fund raising contribution to political candidates.



Change Election committee to election commission

Take out proxy voting clause. ‘EC’ will either allow/disallow proxy voting.

Nomination, withdrawal section has ‘14 days’. Change that to ‘at least 14 days’.


3. Next Step/Action Item:

Oct 17th, 2006

Individual task: Review the following topic in comparison to community input:

Committees, Events, Finance & Budget.