AHC Bylaws Subcommitee Meeting Minutes: 10/17/2006 8PM-10PM


Attendees: Nasim, Galib, Tahsin, Rabiul, Kochi, Rashed, Rana, (Wasi)

1.                   (Biju, Mithu – input Sent)



1. Schedule:

2. Operational Guideline for BOD

3. Discussions on the new community input, emails and discussion forum.

4. Next Step/Action Items:

1. Schedule:

A tentative schedule was prepared backtracking from Election day Jan 27 to current date. It will be revisited from time to time to adjust according to the current status.

Jan 27 (Sat) -               Election

Jan 8 (Mon) -               Announce final candidates, Voter list (if implemented by EC) completed.

Jan 6 (Sat) -                 Nomination withdrawal last date

Dec 30 (Sat) - Nomination submission last date

Dec 16 (Sat) - Announce in Bijoy Dibosh.

Dec 13 (Sun) -             Send email with Bylaws done, EC announces election, voter list started

Dec 1 (Fri) -                 EC formed, Bylaws handed over,

Nov 26 (Sun) -             Open meeting on election rules

Nov 19 (Sun) -             Subcommittee meeting on election rules

Nov 15 (Wed) -           AHC approval after input from community

Nov 12 (Sun) -             Subcommittee meeting on bylaws, operation guide and election rules.

Nov 8 (Wed) -             Completed bylaws AHC approval, post on web, solicit input

Nov 1 (Wed) -             Open meeting

Oct 25 (Wed) –           Post bylaws

Oct 24 (Tues) –            Bylaws subcommittee meet


2. Operational Guideline for BOD

All material will be compiled after finishing bylaws, then work on the guideline.


3. Based on the new community input, emails and discussion forum, the subcommittee discussed the following issues. The bylaws, posted on the web, was updated to reflect the decisions of the subcommittee.

Member Termination

Subcommittee decided to remove termination based on the discussion on open forum and in the subcommittee meeting.


Change Chairman to chairperson.


Bylaws will have a line saying BOD will inform EC whether there is a blackout and if so, the duration.


Subcommittee discussed and decided not to have a separate section for Committees. A section under BOD will suffice.


To give event more visibility in the bylaws because of its significance, the subcommittee decided to add in the bylaws “The assoc may conduct events such as: International mother tongue Day, Bengali new years day, Victory day, Sports, Picnic, etc. as needed.”

Finance & Budget:

BOD should decide on expenditure limits, funds etc.


4.    Next Step/Action Items:

Individual task: Review Amendment, Indemnification as well as Election in comparison to the community inputs. Prepare to discuss in the next meeting 10/26/06.