AHC Bylaws Subcommittee meeting 10/26/06 7PM-9PM

Venue: Rana’s House

Attendees: galib, tahsin, rana, rabiul, nasim, rashed, jony



1.    Open forums.

2.    Emails, discussion forum.

3.    Discussions on bylaws.

4.    Next step/Action items:


1.    Hold additional open forums to ensure community has an opportunity to send all  of their input for the rest of the articles in the bylaws.

2.    Emails and discussion forums compiled community input was discussed in the subcommittee. Further discussion necessary after open forums.

3.    Based on the community emails and discussion forum, discussions on additional topic were done. The bylaws, posted on the web, was updated to reflect the decisions of the subcommittee.

            a. Election: Those in voter list may be considered the first ‘regular members’ for the purpose of bylaws and election.

            b. Amendment initiated by 10% may need to be studied and discussed in open

            c. Indemnification: Incorporation or association. Check with state registration to be sure.

4.    Next Step/Action items:

Hold open forums to discuss all remaining articles. Open forum: 11/01/06.

Participate in the discussion forums.

Compile community input from open forums for discussion on the next subcommittee meeting 11/08/06.