Mobile Consular Services – April 2 – Additional Information

The Bangladesh Embassy Mobile Consular Team will be in Austin on April 2nd Tuesday to serve our community with Consular Services.

Facebook Event List:

Answers for some of the FAQs are given below:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the mobile embassy service coming to Austin?
Tuesday, April 2, 2019

2. What is the address of the venue?
Live Oak Church 
3315 El Salido Pkwy, Cedar Park, TX 78613-5537, United States

3. What are the services that will be provided and fees?
a. New Passport $110.00

b. Passport Renewal $110.00

c. NVR $50.00

d. Dual Nationality $77.00

e. Power of Attorney (urgent fee) $82.50

4. Is there going to any additional Fees ?
Yes, BAGA will recover their cost of mobile services, by charging a small fee per applications. NVR $5.00 and $10.00 for other services. Service Fee can be pay by “Check” or “Cash”.

5. Do I need to register or make an appointment?
We have a limited seating area for the mobile consular service, so please register your arrival time slot, so we can manage accordingly.…/1FAIpQLSea8GkoEwkrOItPRj…/viewform

No new request will be accepted after 2:30PM, Service will be close at 3:00 pm

6. Do I need to bring in the forms and other docs?
Yes, download the relevant forms from the embassy website and fill in completely. Make sure you have the correct number of photographs.…

7. How do I pay for the services?
Find out the service fees from the embassy website. Bring in the fee in the form of Money Orders..

No cash or checks will be accepted.

8. Will the service require regular or urgent fees?
Only Power of Attorney will require urgent fees. All other services will require regular fees as listed in the embassy website.

It is important that required Forms are completed (in Upper case letter) prior to coming to the center along with required documents, photos, fees.

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