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Jan 19th, 2013

Contacts: MD Islam Tushar , ; Nizam Uddin, ,


Bangladeshi Community of Greater Austin’s Cultural Festival and Showcase of Tradition

Saturday, April 20th, 11:30 am – 7:00 pm

Free Admission! Free Parking!

The growing diversity of the population in Austin area is reflected in the number of ethnic cultural celebrations each year. One of the most unique of these events is the “Bengali New Year Festival”, on Saturday April 20, from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm, at the Fiesta Gardens (2100 Jesse E. Segovia St).

This is a City of Austin sponsored event and organized by the Bangladesh Association of Greater Austin ( for 11 years in a row, this is the most vibrant and colorful cultural event of the Bangladeshi Community in Austin. We are expecting 3000+ locals in the event. Admission is free and the general public is cordially invited to attend.

The Bengali New Year is based on a solar calendar introduced in North India over 400 years ago by the Mogul Emperor Akbar. This year’s celebration, according to the Bengali calendar, ushers in the year 1420. Traditionally, the New Year is a seminal event in Bengali social and cultural life. Corresponding to the harvest and the beginning of the financial year for businesses, it is a time of happiness and joy, and an occasion for festivals and feasting.

The April 20th New Year Festival showcases the historically rich, colorful culture of Bangladesh and recreates the atmosphere of optimism and joy that characterizes this occasion back home.

Traditional Bangladeshi ethnic foods, ethnic dress, indigenous arts and crafts, open air performances of Bengali music and dance, and a Children’s cultural program will be featured at this festival.

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