Who We Are?

Our Mission

BAGA’s Mission is the following:

• Strengthen and perpetuate the Bangladeshi culture, tradition, heritage, and language.
• Promote social, cultural, and recreational activities.
• Conduct charitable welfare as needed and deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors (Article III).
• Serve as a platform for exchange of information and views on matters of interest to its members.
• Represent members to any local, state, or federal authority.

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Our By-Laws

If you are interested in seeing our By-Laws, please click the following link.

Our Vision

Bangladesh Association of Greater Austin (BAGA) is a non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) that strives to promote and sustain cultural, charitable, educational, and community services on behalf of the Bangladeshi-American community living in greater Austin.

Sultan Ahmed: 512-944-7360

Manar Hasan: 512-364-8200

Syed Aziz: 512-431-7762

Mohammad Khan: 646-361-0944

Nasim Uddin: 512-922-8725

Nazim Khan: 512-584-1701

Shahriar Ferdous: 979-236-3570